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GoFix® SB

The full-thread screw GoFix® SB with SC 4® coating and drill bit can be screws steel parts to wood easily and transfers very high forces. The externally monitored ETA approval guarantees the stated values.

SIHGA® – Feature YOUR- Benefit
fastens steel parts to wood Ideal for mounting wooden covers to steel beams, attaching steel brackets to glue laminate, mounting with steel struts
Made from hardened carbon steel The permanent, secure and powerful fastening
SIHGA® threads and counter sunk head The enormous forces are transferred optimally from the wood to the steel part
SIHGA® drill bit For stress-free, easy rotation and small edge and axis distances
SC 4® coating Significantly higher corrosion protection, rules out the risk of hydrogen embrittlement, as with stand galvanisation
Slip coating For lightweight screw connections with low screw-in torque
ETA European Technical Approval with external monitoring issued Trustworthy, externally monitored values provide certainty regarding the processing and rule out quality fluctuations
Includes SIHGAFIX®, Systemstift® and installation instructions time-saving, practical, precise, all accessories enclosed; SIHGAFIX® rust-also screws into deep grooves
Calculation values SIHGA® performs the calculation for you, just read the dimensions

Sizes Available (all dimensions in mm)

  • 95
  • 125
  • 155
  • 195
  • 220
  • 245
  • 295
  • 330
  • 375
  • 400

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